DIY Dyed Rainbow "Grimm" Style Wooden Blocks

Though we don't follow any specific educational philosophy over here, I do love the simplicity and beauty of Waldorf toys - specifically the Grimm Rainbow Blocks.  They are just sooooo beautiful.  I have coveted them for a long time now, and though I am sure they are incredibly high quality wooden blocks, I just can't bring myself to spend that much money.  So I decided to see if I could come up with a DIY version of the rainbow wooden blocks.  I am so thrilled with how well they turned out - and our homemade version was just a fraction of the cost - even better.  Though I'm sure ours are not quite heirloom quality, they are super vibrant, bright, and fun to build with - so we're very pleased with them.  They would make a fabulous homemade gift as well!


And they are so fun to build with.  I can't get over the gorgeous rainbow colors!


To make them is super easy!  You could use liquid watercolors to color wood when you see Teaching 2 and 3 Year Old's Rainbow Craft Stick Mobiles.  You figure if they could make gorgeous craft sticks, they could probably dye wooden blocks.  And they totally can!  I  You buy several bags of various sized Unfinished Wood Blocks at local craft store (Michaels)  and put a small amount of each different color of liquid watercolors in a tray. Dip each side of the block in the liquid watercolors for 2 seconds, then flipped, and when the entire block is coated, lay them on some wax paper to dry.  
To be on the safe side,  let blocks dry for a full 24 hours before using them for building.  Use a combination of different brands of liquid watercolors, as well as dilute a few colors to get a wide variety of hues of each color.  If you do not have liquid watercolors, I suspect some well mixed dilute food coloring would also work (though you may want to wear gloves while dying them).  And just a reminder that the dye is not set - so these are not blocks that should be around babies/toddlers who are still mouthing (as the dye may come off in their mouths).
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